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Maudsley Simulation

Maudsley Simulation | London

Maudsley Simulation is the UK’s first simulation training centre focusing on mental health with the aim of improving services for all who are affected or impacted by mental health issues. Since 2014 working as part of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, we have successfully developed a range of new simulation training courses which you can browse our website for more information.

To develop our courses, we have concentrated on a wide variety of settings and have worked with a range of other organisations to provide a portfolio of courses of which we are extremely proud.

This one-day simulation course is aimed at core trainees who are preparing for the MRCPsych CASC exam. The course focuses on clinical skills necessary to pass the CASC exam. It evolves from the tasks of history taking and risk assessment, case formulation and differential diagnosis to treatment planning and management of more difficult cases. The course will help improve candidates' confidence and other professional skills such as communication, stress management and maintaining control of an interview. Candidates will leave the day with tips on how to successfully pass the exam.


Course Date Cost
Preparing for the MRCPsych CASC 20th August 2016 £480


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Morpho ThinkersMorpho Thinkers | London

CASC examinations can be highly competitive and you will be faced with pressures that you have not encountered. To help you excel in your examination, we have developed a range of modules over two days that will enhance and equip you with all the necessary skills required. The detailed two day programme can be accessed here

This course has been conducted in London and Dublin and is structured in a manner as to help the psychiatry trainees who are planning to attempt the Royal College of Psychiatry CASC examination.
However, its principles and methodology are so very robust and scientific that its benefits are far more generalised if you want it to be.

The focus of the course is on verbal and non-verbal communication skills along with improving your skills in speed reading,
comprehension, time and anxiety management and boosting your self confidence. Studies show that these skills that are absolutely essential for the exam can be taught and learnt. However, you would require as much practice as you can get so that such skills become “natural” for you and you don’t have to stress yourself by trying to learn them a few weeks before the examination and “remember to act in a certain way”. Evidence suggests that you need to consistently practice between 3 to 6 months for good outcomes. So why not practice in the right way and make it a habit?

In addition to the benefits of the high quality course and its fantastic “take away” content, we aim to continue supporting you till you pass the CASC examination. For further details please refer to

Maximum delegates per course is 10, thus courses get booked very quickly. So please visit the website to view more dates that may be convenient for you.

Next Courses (2 day course costs a total of £425 with a £25 discount each if booked in groups of 2 or more):

Next Course Cost:

20-21 June 2015

27-28 June 2015 £425
4-5 July 2015 £425
18-19 July 2015 £425


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PassAppraisalPassAppraisaL | London

Nearly 40% of the new MRCPsych Paper B tests statistics and critical appraisal skills. This is the topic that most candidates want someone to teach personally.

We are conducting a small group one-to-one teaching weekend for MRCPsych statistics and critical appraisal.

You will receive uniquely prepared handouts to make revision easy and success almost guaranteed. You will also receive free access to online video lectures and nearly 300 MCQs and EMIs at our website.

The sessions will be led by Lena Palaniyappan, Associate Professor, Translational Neuroimaging in Psychiatry, University of Nottingham. He has been teaching statistics/critical appraisal for MRCPsych students since 2007.

For more details visit our website at:

Next Course Cost:
14-15 March 2015 £495


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Eastern Psych CourseEastern Psych Course | London

The Eastern Psych Course has a variety of resources including: online courses from £99 for 3 months; weekend CASC courses consisting of small group teaching; and video tutorials (coming soon).

The site also has Smart Cards covering CASC stations and these are compatible with most e-devices.

Update: Free videos are available to coincide with the release of the 2nd edition of the 'Pass the CASC' book.


Next Course Cost:
6-7 December 2014 | Weekend Course | London Hilton Olympia £550
13-14 December 2014 | Communication Adaptive skills for CASC | Birmingham De Vrere Village Hotel £300
20-21 December 2014 | Communication Adaptive skills for CASC | Sheffield EIS £300
9 January 2015 | Mock Exam | Sheffield EIS £375


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SPMM Psychiatry CourseSPMM ST4 Interview Course | London

SPMM course is organizing a ST4 interview mock exam course; the first of its kind for psychiatric trainees in UK & Ireland. ST4 interview course is an interactive interview practice based on the most recent format of national higher specialist training selection in psychiatry.  

It is highly recommended for people who would like to seek real interview experience. It is aimed at honing your interview skills, improving ways of communication, identifying your good selling points and learning how to influence the interview panel. 

The main objective is to improve your individual performance, increase your competitiveness and offer guidance to boost your chance of success in obtaining a training place in your most desired specialty at the most desired region.

Venue: Hilton Olympia, London.

Please click the following link to apply for this course:

Next Course Cost:
1 November 2014 £300 + VAT


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London CASCThe London CASC | London

The London CASC is set in West Middlesex University Hospital in West London near to Heathrow Airport.

Over the last several years it has become known to those who have attended as an intensely personal course that focuses on the candidates needs and offers not just quantity of stations to practice, but also quality in the discussions that follow each one. Not just a pass or fail but real in depth feedback on all aspects of the station. We concentrate on having small groups of 3 or 4 going through stations one by one with professional actors.

On Single station days you will be performing at least 1 in 3 stations and on Linked station days 1 in 2 stations, with 56 (you perform 23) stations carried out over an entire weekend. We believe small is best and that’s why we limit our group sizes so much. With just a few examiners all day, we also get to know you and your strengths and weaknesses. We’re proud of our testimonials and high pass rates (62%) and the personal, individual feel that our course gives to all those who have attended. Please have a look at us, at and we wish you luck in the coming exam.

Next Course Cost:
13 December 2014 (Single stations)
14 August 2014 (Linked stations)

£335 per day

3 January 2015 (Single stations)
3 January 2015 (Linked stations)

£335 per day

Observer places for all dates £99 per day


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Neuroanatomy for PsychiatryThe Limbic Brain: Neuroanatomy for Psychiatry, Neurology and Neuroscience | London

Course director: Dr Paul Johns, BSc BM MSc FRCPath        

Advanced functional neuroanatomy course, presented in a very clear, logical and memorable style Focuses on the limbic lobe, hippocampus, amygdala, prefrontal cortex and 'limbic' loops of the basal ganglia Includes the basal forebrain / substantia innominata, 'extended amygdala' and diffuse neurochemical systems. Emphasises core limbic brain structures of central importance in clinical neurology, psychiatry and the imaging neurosciences.

Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone with an interest in the anatomical basis of emotion, cognition, memory and behaviour, including:

- NHS consultants and trainees (all grades), medical students and related healthcare professionals in psychiatry, clinical neurology / neurosciences
- Neuroscientists, psychologists and imaging scientists interested in or conducting research in emotion, cognition, memory or behaviour

Mean feedback score (July 2013): 4.9/5.0

Course fee includes refreshments and handbook.

Venue: King's College London, Guy's Campus, SE1.

Next Course Cost:
21-22 August 2014 £295


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Cognitions for CASCCognitions for CASC R2C | London

Cognitions for CASC Training Programme is please to launch a unique programme for registrars. The 'Registrar to Consultant' transformation programme (R2C) will be facilitated by 2 experienced trainers and mentors. There will be a FREE introductory session on Saturday 28 June 2014.

For more information, please click here (or copy and paste in your


We would be grateful if you could complete a survey about leadership and management training for registrars in the NHS here (click on link or copy and paste in your browser):


Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 May 2014 22:13

Cognitions for CASCCognitions for CASC | London

The 'Cognitions for CASC' training programme is a systematic and comprehensive  training initiative for the CASC component of the MRCPsych examination. The programme has 3 components aimed to deliver different levels of teaching and mentoring to support your CASC revision.

1) A one day workshop aimed at developing essential skills and competencies for the CASC. This stage will empower you with the fundamental skills needed to start your CASC preparation. 2) An intensive weekend course with video recording and analysis of interview style, personalised feedback and practice, interactive style of teaching and small group (3-4 candidates) skills training. 3) One to one coaching and mentoring to further enhance your skills and develop your competencies with an emphasis on boosting your confidence. This stage will use a personalised approach in order to fully prepare you for the CASC examination.

According to your requirement, the above stages can be booked separately or in combination. With a strong track record and excellent feedback from candidates, the 'Cognitions for CASC' training programme offers high quality training by experienced trainers in a conducive environment.

Next Course (Updated 24 April 2014) Cost:
Stage 1 (14 June 2014) £100
Stage 2 (12-13 July 2014) £500
Stage 2 (19-20 July 2014) £500
Stage 2 (23-24 August 2014) £500
CASC Practice (30 August 2014) £75
Stage 3 (Bespoke training) POA


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SPMM Psychiatry CourseSPMM Course | London


Improved and expanded question banks including over 8000 questions - the largest and most detailed of its kind in the UK

Weekend courses, online courses, mock exams for MRCPsych paper 1, 2 and 3

The SPMM Lecture Notes are fully revised and converted to bite-sized pdf files that can be printed by all online users.

5 unique mock tests for each paper exam (200x5=1000 questions), Instant Mock exam feedback for online courses

CASC weekend courses, mock exam and CASC training videos (210 minutes- covering 21 stations) 

Course options available individually to allow candidates more control

An exciting new user friendly design for easy navigation with a prgress tracker tool

New course subscription management system

Next Course Cost:
CASC Course: 20-21 July 2013 £695
CASC Mock Exam: 31 August 2013 £450
Paper 1 course (inc. online access): 8 June 2013 £325
Paper 2 course (inc. online access): 14 September 2013 £325
Paper 3 course (inc. online access): 7-8 September 213 £425


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