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ExamdoctorExamdoctor | Online

Examdoctor is an online revision resource for medical students and trainee doctors containing revision material for 20 different courses and over 35,000 expert-authored questions.

Courses include MRCPsych Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Prices are dependent on duration of access and range from £30-35 for 30 days to £45-50 for 120 days. The courses claim over 1000 MCQs and EMIQs for the Part 1; 400 for the Part 2; and 400 for the Part 3.

A free 7-day trial period is available for courses.

You can get a 20% discount on courses by using the discount code 'TRICKCYCLISTS' at the checkout.

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Eastern Psych CourseEastern Psych Course | Online

The Eastern Psych Course has a variety of resources including: online courses from £99 for 3 months; weekend CASC courses consisting of small group teaching; and video tutorials (coming soon).

The site also has Smart Cards covering CASC stations and these are compatible with most e-devices.

Update: Free videos are available to coincide with the release of the 2nd edition of the 'Pass the CASC' book.


Next Course (Updated 5/6/13) Cost:
20-21 July 2013 (Milton Keynes) £550
24 August 2013 (Mock Exam) £375
1 September 2013 (Mock Exam) £375


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