Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may have some questions about the history and background to the site. Hopefully, I will answer them here.

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  • Who owns this site?

    My name is David Christmas and I am a consultant psychiatrist in Dundee.

    I have been a consultant since 2006 and before that, like most people, I spent time (and money) studying for my MRCPsych. As the OSCE format became more widespread it seemed a useful way to pull together preparation material that could be helpful for other people.

  • Why is it called 'Trickcyclists'?
  • Do you get money for this site?
  • Why is it free?
  • Do you have any connection with the Royal College of Psychiatrists?
  • What experience do you have with OSCEs?
  • Are the answers/ marking sheets those used by the Royal College?
  • How is the CASC exam marked?