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Please read carefully

By reading, and using these MRCPsych notes and OSCE questions you acknowledge that:

  1. There may be typographic errors in the webpages, or in the text of the MS Word documents, and that the author is not responsible for any harm that may arise from someone acting on such information.
  2. I should not have to remind prescribers that all drug doses should be checked before prescribing and I cannot be blamed if an incorrect dose results in you getting into trouble. Remember: you hold the sole responsibility for any drug that you prescribe.Pl
  3. The notes are presented ‘as is’. There is no guarantee that the advice is current or correct and should not be seen as recommendation for specific treatment. The information contained herein is not a textbook per se and you should not follow any treatment advice without consulting a more authoritative text.
  4. All this information is provided free, and although I hope that it is useful for those studying for MRCPsych exams, the author can accept no responsibility for failing the exam! All advice given on the website is just that – advice – and readers are advised to make their own minds up about using information from the site.