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Terms & conditions

What you can do:

  1. Use the material on the website for personal learning, training, and teaching purposes.
  2. Use the OSCE questions/ MCQs/ PMPs within local training schemes free-of-charge, and without restriction. Please acknowledge the source of the material if you use it.
  3. Download the material, and store it on your own computer.
  4. Print out hard copies for your own personal use. You may print multiple copies for study groups or small groups of colleagues.
  5. Reproduce elements of the website (e.g. MCQ questions) for teaching. i.e. you may include them in handouts or presentations. Please ensure that you acknowledge the source, however.

What you *cannot* do:

  1. Modify any of the material without prior consent of David Christmas.
  2. Duplicate or reproduce any of the site contents on any other website or published work without permission from David Christmas.
  3. Remove the copyright notice and authorship information from documents.
  4. Use any of the site content for purposes that generate a profit, or which involves others paying for a service. i.e. you are not permitted to use the OSCEs for your own OSCE course for which you charge a fee.
  5. Commercial reproduction is not allowed under any circumstances. If you do wish to reproduce any site content that is not permitted by these terms and conditions, please email me.

Additional Information

Usage of any content from this site implies that you have read, and agree to abide with, these Terms and Conditions.

Please note that because you can use this material for the specific uses outlined above, it is not Public Domain.

If you are in any doubt about what you can and can’t do, please email me.

Since the quality of the OSCEs, and notes depends on feedback, you are kindly asked to send feedback to the author if you are using any of the material from the website.

All material, unless indicated otherwise, is Copyright © 2013-2023 by David Christmas. All rights reserved.